Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet




TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Review & Demo

TC Electronic New device that promises to provide valuable visual indicators while monitoring loudness, LUFS, True Peak, mono compatibility and more.

Bring LUFS into your Life

Understanding Loudness

LUFS are a way of measuring loudness in your audio production. Let's find out why they're important.

How to Use the Link Channels Feature | Cubase Advance Features


The Link Channels feature in Cubase is a great time saver, enabling you to add inserts or change settings for multiple channels in the MixConsole, rather than individually. You can choose which parameters to link, while using a VCA fader allows you to adjust the overall volume of the linked channels, but still adjust each individually. Quick link groups is an even faster way of letting you make small changes to multiple channels. Linking channels is yet another facility for quickly and easily controlling your mix in Cubase.

Eric Valentine's Electric Guitars — Queens Of The Stone Age

Sound On Sound magazine

In this episode, LA-based producer Eric Valentine (Queens Of The Stone Age, Slash) recreates the guitar sound from QOTSA's unique 2002 album, Songs for the Deaf. We look at every link in the chain from tuning and guitar choice through to amp settings, pedals, mic selection and post-processing.