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PHASE Relationships on Drums

Chris Selim - Mixdown Online

PHASE Relationships on Drums - mixdown.online When recording and mixing drums the possibility of facing phase issues are pretty high. We use several microphones to capture the sound, these microphones will create waveforms in your DAW which will have a phase relationship which each other. Bad "Phasing" will create phase cancellation and could end up with a tiny drum sound.That's why it is VERY IMPORTANT to check your phase relationships on your drums before going further in the mix. In his tutorial, I will show you what I do to AVOID PHASE CANCELLATION and get the MAXIMUM PUNCH out of my drums. I will also explain the difference between PHASE and POLARITY. Phase and Polarity can get very complex but this will give you the basics on dealing with phase and polarity on your drums. Get access to the MIXDOWN ZONE for FREE http://mixdown.online/en/get-in-the-zone

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