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Recording Drums, Part I: Overhead Mic Placements Compared


Join Justin Colletti and SonicScoop for this in-depth look at overhead mic techniques... Filmed at Strange Weather Brooklyn, and using microphones provided by Sennheiser, this video covers how to set up overhead mics using some of the most popular and flexible methods in history, including: XY, ORTF, Spaced Pair, Glyn Johns, and the classic "Mono Overhead" approach. Each of the sound clips in this episode consist of no more than 4 mics: A pair of overheads, plus close mics on kick and snare. The overhead mics are a pair of Sennheiser e914s, the kick and snare mics are the e902 and e905, also by Sennheiser. All the clips are presented with no EQ, compression, or effects processing of any kind.

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