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Star Wars Themes - Midi Files


Star Wars Midi Files

Episode I

The Duel of Fates (31kb) – What more can I say!

Anakin’s Theme (9kb)
Jar Jar’s Theme (40kb)
Augie’s Municipal Band (55kb)
The Flag Parade (108kb)
Qui Gon meets the Jedi Council (9kb)

20th Century Fox Fanfare
Star Wars Medley
Star Wars Main Theme
Swtheme.mid (44KB) - The Star Wars Theme, with the 20th Century Fox.
Cantina.mid (28KB)- The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
Empire.mid (5KB) – The Empire theme.
Swbattle.mid (28KB) – The Star Wars battle theme.
Sw_cere.mid (11KB) – The Star Wars ceremony at the end.
Ewokcel.mid (14KB) – The Ewok celebration music.
Ewokcele.mid (13KB) – Another ewok celebration midi.

jedirock.mid (9kb) – the Jedi Rock piece of ROTJ
imperial.mid (17kb) – the Imperial March.
empire.mid (16kb)
leiathem.mid (5kb) – Leia’s theme

swbattle.mid (28kb) – Star Wars battle
Yoda.mid (9kb) – Yoda’s theme

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