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The Abbey Road Mic Collection with Sylvia Massy

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This month's video, in association with Focusrite, sees Grammy-winning engineer, producer and author Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Tool) visit Abbey Road, home to one of the most historic mic collections in the world. With exclusive access, she meets Lester Smith, the custodian and maintenance engineer for their astonishing microphone collection and finds out about his favourite pieces from the iconic studios' collection.

3:39 - Testing Mics with the Noise Gun
6:29 - AKG D19 dynamic - Ringo’s hi-hat mic
8:22 - The Olympic AKG D30 - the Hendrix and Clapton guitar mic
10:18 - EMI RM-1B ribbon
11:35 - STC/Coles EMI RM-1B
13:14 - STC 4033 compared to the STC 4038
13:54 - Neumann U47 and Telefunken U48
16:51 - Alan Blumlein and the EMI HB-1B
19:41 - EMI custom-designed stereo recording frame for Neumann M49 and MK56
21:12 - New mics in the collection
22:05 - Sontronics Apollo stereo ribbon mic

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