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Why You Should ALWAYS record a "DI Track"

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Sometimes fancy EQ and compression techniques aren't the answer for a better sounding production. Sometimes It’s something as simple as taking the time to record a DI track along with your guitar tracks. If you’re spending any amount of time and effort recording your guitars and you’re serious about your productions, you should ALWAYS take the time to record a DI track. Believe me. I’m extremely passionate about this subject because, even in 2019, I’m still receiving projects to mix that don’t contain DI tracks with the guitars. Not only do DI tracks allow for re-amping (which is essential when the tone isn’t right)it makes editing exponentially easier and more precise. It also allows for a lot of cool creative freedom when digging into your mix that a lot of guys don’t talk about too much. Here me go into more detail on the 3 reasons why you should ALWAYS be capturing DI tracks when recording heavy guitars.

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